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rei - Jove Banned me

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Jove banned me today after I defeated him and accused me of cheating. (He did the same thing yesterday, but removed the ban shortly after). Of course he doesn't bother to show any kind of proof.

I'm not cheating. He apparently can't accept defeat so he has to resort to abusing his admin rights.

Interestingly enough, as an admin he has no problem with some of his squadmates (the 48th) breaking the rules again and again especially rule #1 (Keeping the teams even) and rule #7 (Insulting players).

Re: rei - Jove Banned me

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Hi, rei. That was his mistake. Sorry. But we will monitor the correctness of your flight.
If somebody insult you or break rules, pls publicate screenshots or video here.

Re: rei - Jove Banned me

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Thanks frost. As for the insults I mentioned here are several screenshots of the offending gentlemen Coops and Maxx:




In another game Coops just couldn't take it anymore and switched teams to kill me and quickly bail before collecting a friendly kill.


For completeness, here is the track of that game:


Re: rei - Jove Banned me

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Thank you rei. I'll speak with them.

Re: rei - Jove Banned me

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Hi all,

Aurelius has asked me to post this here on his behalf:
First, I would like to thank Rei for posting this on my behalf.

This is Aurelius, the dreaded antagonist of IRSS, or so I am made out to be. In real life, I attended undergrad on a U.S. Naval ROTC scholarship, studied electrical engineering and was commissioned an ensign, and then attended basic flight training in Pensacola, Florida. I was selected for the fixed wing strike pipeline and completed intermediate and advanced training at NAS Kingsville and fleet assimilation at NAS Lemoore, CA. Originally, I flew the F/A-18 C Hornet on two different carrier assignments and later transitioned to the F/A-18 E Super Hornet and served tours with VMFT-401 in Yuma and VFC-13 with NAWDC at Fallon, as a DACT instructor. I also have flight time in 14 other air frames.
I served for nine and a half years and was deep selected for the rank of lieutenant commander, when I left the Navy to return to graduate school. During my second year of graduate school, a friend introduced me to IL2 and I later flew online under my Aurelius call sign for about ten months, almost entirely on full real servers with no icons. Although it was great fun and I was never defeated in a formal duel, it ended up taking up too much time and I abandoned the sim to return to my research.
In April of 2018, having finally secured tenure at my university and trying to enjoy a bit of downtown after my morning classes, I returned to IL2 and Hyperlobby to find all the full real servers I used to enjoy dead. The only server left that had a decent amount of people flying was IRSS. (Occasionally FrontSky and Skies of Valor had a few people as well.) So, I joined up only to be greeted by a crazy madcap world of open pit head on sprayers and kamikaze rammers.
In the first few weeks I did not do that well as I got a feel for the timing and tactics of the server but within short order I began to do what any good WW2 pilot would have done, which is fly high and boom and zoom opponents and then extend outwards and come back around. From my first visit to IRSS until the present, the ubiquitous 48th team was present. In the beginning, they tried to get me to follow one guy down who would then break off, while two other teammates remained above and then fell on me. That and their near infinite attempts to spray head on with the 185 or Ki-84 C cannon.
As the weeks passed, it became very easy to bag one or two 48th guys and then boom back up to altitude and take a long circle out and come back around. For this I was endlessly insulted as a ‘runner’ and at times I had five or more 48th chasing me repeatedly. What really upset them is that if I had four 48th members chasing me, I would often bail out rather than engage them in the turn and burn fight they so desperately wanted (Why did I do this? - Because that is what Hartmann and most of the other top aces of WW2 did in real life. No fool duked it out on low gas with five enemies up close. They parachuted out and lived to fight another day.) Some days, I was pursued en masse almost every single sortie and I was continually called every name in the book because I would not engage the 48th and their I-185s in a tight turn and burn fight with my FW 190 A-9. Of course I wouldn’t engage a 185, La-7 or Ki-84 C with a plane meant for boom and zoom. In the several times I did duel one vs one with a particular 48th member, they lost roughly 90% of the time and that made them all the more upset.
As many of you in IRSS know, 48th has several cocky characters who like to talk smack. When a bonafide IRSS admin is present they tone it down, but when you leave, Badger, Prowler, Joker, Coops and Teq in particular start picking fights. When I applied the same language that they applied to me in return, they did not handle it well. Every time they insulted me, I used humor to insult them back in my typical smart ass manner. As my winning ratio over 48th began to grow and I adjusted my VKB Gunfighter MCG Pro stick profile for the twitch fighting environment of IRSS, they called me a modder, a cheat, tried to complain to the admins, whined all the time, etc.... It sounded like prepubescent girls at a sleep over having their cell phones taken from them.
Eventually, by December of 2018, I could not even fly under my normal Aurelius call sign anymore because I was immediately targeted to be kicked. In the few situations where they could not have me kicked (the most recent was about five or six weeks back on a lazy Sat afternoon with a fight between JG52 and 48th), the entire 48th team and minions (the minions being Prowler, Megaspeed, etc…) left the server rather than fly. They got that upset because they could not have me kicked.
Because of all the kicks and ban attempts, I began to rely on a static IP address setup with VPN proxies. Just to see what would happen with all of 48th flying, I signed on one day as Igvas244 and proceeded to kill twenty seven and injure six 48th members in a row with no losses to myself. Currently and without exaggeration, due to correct energy tactics and setting up a stick profile for open pit twitch fighting, I would say that I maintain about a rough 12 or 13 to 1 kill to death ratio over 48th in general. They complain and whine a great deal but their main tactic is still the head on spray, and yes, perhaps 1 in 17 head on spray attempts, they take off my wing or put my lights out with a lucky shot, but in the other 16 sorties they die or get seriously injured and then start whining. Of course it is easy to defeat open pit guys that rely on such silly tactics. When I fly, I closely monitor the turn and slip indicator and variometer. That helps me to choose the opportune moment to reverse nabla (the gradient from vector calculus), and transition from stored potential to kinetic energy. In close duels, almost always, by careful application of IFR ACM, I am able to gain advantage and then maintain superior position.
Having read this far, you may be saying to yourself, … No way!, … this guy is lying, he is not a real pilot, he lives in his mother’s basement, he is full of #$@!, etc… But look at the recent example of Rei and his posts here at IRSS. Rei is a good fighter and typically flies very high and dry and then booms down correctly. He and I have had several good duels one vs one and they have all been fun.
On three different occasions, I have personally seen Rei doing nothing wrong and yet threatened with a ban from Jove. And as Rei showed, they eventually called him a cheat and banned him for doing nothing wrong except flying correctly. This same thing has happened to Jiren (Nene) perhaps twenty times or more. And, this is the exact same situation that 48th has tried to apply to me. Accuse me of cheating and then have Jove automatically ban me for doing absolutely nothing wrong. This has happened not once, but several dozen times.
Their justification for this is to say that I am banned or that I am not wanted at the server, but in actuality that is a facade. The people who have a problem with me are Teq, Badger, Coops, Viper and Prowler, because I out fly them. No one else gives two $#@!s, and I have no problems flying with others on the server (and that includes you Frost, who I have no problem with if you treat me fairly). The real people who want me gone are the core members of 48th who can’t defeat me in a fair fight.
Now you may be saying to yourself, I don’t believe Jove would act unfairly even after I read Rei’s post. Therefore, I suggest you try this little experiment to see for yourself:

Take a competent pilot (like Frost), sign in under a different name that no one has seen before, kill a few 48th members without being hurt yourself and you will immediately be accused of being Aurelius and kicked out of the server, even though you followed all the rules.

Go ahead, … try it, and see for yourself. If you come from a country that censors their internet and have to use a VPN, it will be far worse. You will be auto kicked before you even kill a few 48th members. And please ask yourself why does 48th only fly on IRSS now? They used to have their own server, and still do. When they opened it, people came and any good pilot who killed more than a few 48th members got kicked out immediately. Gradually, their traffic dried up and now no one visits their server. It’s an empty wasteland. Why? Because they had one set of rules for themselves and another for anyone they were fighting. They would let Prowler or Teq or Mega repeatedly break their own published rules but if you, the visitor did so, … immediate kick. Jove in particular is as biased as can be and is an eminently poor choice for a server admin if your main prerogative is fairness.
And now, they attempt to do the same to IRSS. They wish to take over your server so that they can use the Commander package to immediately kick out anyone who downs a few 48th members without being killed themselves. You are very close to having a server that is not actually IRSS any longer. Your server is now the 48th server almost. And, if you are fine with the behavior of Jove, and want to watch 48th endlessly down SittingDuck, …. then have at it. I fly DCS World, ROF and IL BOS, so if the IRSS server becomes the 48th server, … it isn’t two drops of sweat off my ass. But, I would ask yourselves (meaning, you, the members of IRSS) if you really want IRSS to become the 48th server? Because if you do, in a few months, your server will dry up just as their own server did.
And finally to you Frost, and the other IRSS members, I apologize. Yes, I am a smart ass and I do cuss, and cussing is in the rules of your server. If you (without the members of 48th influencing you) truly wish for me to banned, I will fly elsewhere without sneaking in under different names. I have no personal animas to you Frost or to other IRSS members. I enjoy good duels, I am a smart ass and it gets on people’s nerves but that personality type also allowed me to thrive in the real world strike fighter community. Be that as it may, I apologize.
I hope you consider the future of where the IRSS server is headed. If you automatically ban me, Jiren and potentially Rei in the future, then do you really want to keep killing SittingDuck and Kaspar over and over? Do you want Jove to automatically kick everyone who gets a few kills on 48 th? Something to consider if you want an outcome that is proficuous.

S! Aurelius

Re: rei - Jove Banned me

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Да, только сейчас добрался до этого поста.
Краткий перевод: Я крутой пилот, закончил аспирантуру и вообще лейтенант. Я такой крутой, что все меня обижают, хотя я выпрыгиваю с парашютом вместо боя, как делал Хартман. Я такой крутой, что 48ые обижаются лишь за то, что я захожу на сервер. Я настолько крутой, что миньоны 48ых уходят с сервера видя меня, а небо очищается на любых серверах, если меня не могут кикнуть. Я - легенда. И спасибо, Rei, мой верный глашатай.

Re: rei - Jove Banned me

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=IRSS=SlavaGl писал(а):Да, только сейчас добрался до этого поста.
Краткий перевод: Я крутой пилот, закончил аспирантуру и вообще лейтенант. Я такой крутой, что все меня обижают, хотя я выпрыгиваю с парашютом вместо боя, как делал Хартман. Я такой крутой, что 48ые обижаются лишь за то, что я захожу на сервер. Я настолько крутой, что миньоны 48ых уходят с сервера видя меня, а небо очищается на любых серверах, если меня не могут кикнуть. Я - легенда. И спасибо, Rei, мой верный глашатай.

:-) :-) :-) ;;-))) ;;-))) ;;-))) ;;-))) ;;-))) Лучший перевод!!!!